The Vitamix 5200 blender is one of the most popular Vitamix blenders for home use, and for good reason!

Considering its powerful motor and great versatility, along with its simple and intuitive design, the professional-quality Vitamix 5200 is an excellent blender for someone looking to blend efficiently, save on time, and blend a variety of food for themselves and/or their family.

In this guide, we’ll be going over:

Let’s get into it…

Vitamix 5200 Specifications

Vitamix SeriesLegacy/Classic C-Series
Price~$480 USD
Motor2 horsepower motor
Wattage1380 watts
Controls-10-speed dial control
-On/off switch
-High/variable switch
Parts/Accessories-Classic 64-oz container (BPA-free plastic)
-Spill-proof two-part lid with plug for tamper use and for adding ingredients while blending
-Stainless steel blades
-Classic tamper
-Cookbook, Getting Started guide
Size20.5 x 8.75 x 7.25 in
Weight10 lbs 9 oz
Special featuresRadial cooling fan and thermal protection system prevents overheating.
How old is the Vitamix 5200? The Vitamix 5200 was made in 2007.

Vitamix 5200 Pros and Cons

  • Powerful – 2 HP motor can blend through practically any ingredient, including ice, frozen ingredients, and dry ingredients.

  • Versatile – can make all sorts of blends, including thick blends, dry blends, etc.

  • Durable – all parts are made to last (jug, lid, blades, motor, etc.).

  • Easy to use – simple and intuitive controls; no complex or excess features.

  • Easy to clean

  • Relatively quiet

  • Sleek and classic design

  • 7-year full warranty
  • Expensive – has to be used frequently to be worth the investment.

  • Difficult to store and transport large 64oz jug and overall structure/weight.

  • Lacks smart tech features, such as pre-programmed settings.

  • Can be noisy on higher settings (relative to less-powerful blenders).
  • Vitamix 5200 Reviews

    Here’s what customers think of the Vitamix 5200…

    What they like:

    • Long-lasting appliance
    • Very powerful and capable blender – pulverizes everything, makes anything, can handle anything effortlessly
    • Meets needs and achieves results for every type of blend
    • Extremely satisfactory for daily use
    • Quieter than expected (though noisy ingredients like ice cause extra noise)
    • Easy to clean and easy to use
    • Ideal for convenient daily use for people with specialty diets, allergies, etc. who make everything from scratch
    • Tamper is helpful
    • Is quiet, powerful, easy to clean
    • Looks great on the counter
    • Saves time (and aggravation) by not having to add ingredients slowly and stop frequently while blending

    What they don’t like:

    • Expensive
    • Cannot fully replace a food processor
    • No holder for the tamper (makes tamper storage and use less convenient) – should be included as part of the package
    • Pouring from the container can be messy
    • Pitcher can be too large for some projects
    • Too tall to fit under cabinets
    • Lid doesn’t attach on to container in a satisfying way
    • May blend more quickly than expected – be careful not to over-blend
    • Not dishwasher safe, be careful what you use to clean it (follow instructions, use non-abrasive sponge if you want to avoid cloudiness)
    • No pre-set blending levels/settings – have to actively engage in the process of adjusting the speed as it blends

    Other comments from customer reviews:

    • Technique is important – liquids/yogurt before greens, cut fruits/large ingredients into smaller pieces to help blend down properly, use tamper, etc.
    • Bit of a learning curve – different things require different speeds. (Vitamix has great recipe instructions for this on their site)
    • Everything comes out completely smooth, once you know how to get all ingredients to the blades
    • Separate dry container is helpful for dry blends/grinds
    • No difference between reconditioned and new (more on this later)

    Is the Vitamix 5200 Worth it?

    The Vitamix 5200 is not cheap. This blender is a long-term investment that pays itself off with the use you get out of it over the years and the quality and convenience if offers.

    Things to consider when deciding if the Vitamix 5200 is worth it for you include:

    • how frequently you’re going to use it
    • what you’re going to use it for
    • where you’re going to use it (space and noise considerations)

    The Vitamix 5200 is the right blender for someone who:

    • Blends frequently and wants a blender to use multiple times a day/week.
    • Is looking to invest in a long-lasting blender.
    • Wants something reliable, tough, durable, dependable; a blender that they don’t have to worry about.
    • Wants a powerful and versatile blender to make anything in (not just smoothies or simple drinks).
    • Wants a simple Vitamix with a few intuitive controls, that’s easy to use.
    • Wants a blender to leave out on the counter for easy/frequent use.

    The Vitamix 5200 is not the ideal blender for someone who:

    • Doesn’t blend very often (i.e. not daily or several times a week).
    • Blends smoothies and other drinks, but not much else.
    • Doesn’t need to make blends in a powerful blender very often.
    • Wants a blender that’s small, light, and easy to store or transport.
    • Wants a blender with preprogrammed settings or unique features for different types of blends.

    What Can You Make With a Vitamix 5200?

    The Vitamix 5200 blends almost any ingredient quickly and efficiently. With the Vitamix 5200, you can make:

    • Drinks (smoothies, juices, shakes, nut milks, frozen drinks, etc.)
    • Dips and spreads (hummus, salsa, guacamole, etc.)
    • Dressings
    • Sauces
    • Soups
    • Batter
    • Dough
    • Baby food
    • Dry blends (ground spices, grains, flour, meal, powder, etc.)
    • Nut butters
    • Frozen desserts

    Does the Vitamix 5200 Crush Ice?

    Yes, the Vitamix 5200 can crush ice quite easily. It can be used to make frozen drinks/purees/desserts or simply just shredded ice.

    If blending ice with other ingredients, it’s good practice to put your ice in the jug last to help your blender get going without the blades smacking the ice around too much and causing excess noise.

    If blending ice alone, Vitamix recommends you fill the jug with water so the ice isn’t touching the blades, then blend on high and strain the water out afterwards.

    Does the Vitamix 5200 Make Hot Soup?

    Yes, the Vitamix 5200 can be used to make hot soup.

    On high speed, the blades spin at such a high frequency that the friction actually generates heat while blending. This will heat up the contents to a steaming temperature in under 10 minutes!

    Vitamix has many soup recipes on their site with instructions for how long to blend.

    How to Use the Vitamix 5200

    While ingredients and blending time/speed/method will vary depending on what you are intending to make, these are the general steps to follow when using the Vitamix 5200:

    1. Put your ingredients in the blender jug. For optimal blending, add the ingredients in the following order: first liquids, then soft ingredients, then hard/frozen ingredients.
    2. Secure the lid on the jug and place the jug on the motor base.
    3. Make sure the speed control dial is at the lowest speed, the high/variable switch is on variable, and the on/off switch is off.
    4. Flick the on/off switch to on to start the motor.
    5. Slowly increase the speed using the dial.
    6. Flick the high/variable switch to high if you want the maximum speed and power.
    7. Allow to blend for a minute or two, or as long as needed for what you’re blending. While blending, use a tamper through the lid if needed to help push the food into the blades. Add more liquid/ingredients through the lid if needed. Stop to scrape down the sides if needed.
    8. Once well blended, dial down the speed back to the lowest, flick the on/off switch to off to stop the motor.
    9. Serve. Rinse and wash jug as soon as possible.

    How to Clean the Vitamix 5200

    One of the best parts of the Vitamix 5200 (and other Vitamix blenders), is how easy they are to clean. Simply fill the jug with soapy water and give it a blend! Use the high setting and it should be all clean in half a minute. For a deeper clean you could even leave it for several minutes on high to get the friction going and actually heat up the water in the jug. After rinsing, leave it to drain and dry.

    The key is to clean the Vitamix 5200 right after using, before any food has a chance to stick and harden.

    The Vitamix 5200 can also be washed by hand with soap, water, and a non-abrasive sponge. Just be careful when cleaning around the blades at the bottom which may be difficult to access.

    How Long Does the Vitamix 5200 Last?

    People report using their Vitamix 5200 multiple times a day for 10+ years and it still going strong!

    The Vitamix 5200 is tough. It can handle frozen ingredients as well as hot soups, creamy liquids and oils as well as dry ingredients. Customers often say how the Vitamix 5200 was worth the price because of how much they use it. This blender can truly last for years upon years.

    Vitamix prides itself in making high-quality, durable products that can take years of daily/frequent use without wearing down. The 7-year warranty alone should give an indication of the faith Vitamix has in their products.

    Where to Buy the Vitamix 5200

    The Vitamix 5200 has not been discontinued yet, so you can buy the Vitamix 5200 directly from Vitamix.

    Alternatively, you can buy it through another retailer like Amazon. You can also find them used on Amazon, eBay, etc. Buying used or refurbished is an excellent way to save money; however, keep in mind the condition and the warranty.

    Certified Refurbished Standard

    If you are looking to buy the Vitamix 5200 but can’t get on board with the hefty pricetag, consider purchasing the Certified Refurbished Standard model.

    Vitamix offers the Certified Reconditioned Standard blender (aka a refurbished 5200) for a significantly cheaper price of ~$330, albeit with slightly lower 5-year warranty.

    According to customer reviews, there is no evident difference between the new and refurbished versions!


    The Vitamix 5200 is an incredibly powerful, versatile, and durable blender that can serve you well over years and even decades of use.

    While it can be quite an investment, the Vitamix 5200 is well worth it for customer who blends up all sorts of diverse blends on a daily basis and is looking for a long-lasting blender to keep up!

    Let me know in the comments – is the Vitamix 5200 worth it? Do you own a Vitamix 5200? Why or why not? I’d love to hear what you think!

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