Jamba Juice is the place to go for delicious and beautifully-prepared smoothies, smoothie bowls, and juices. So, naturally, they must use only the best blenders to get such consistently good results.

So, what blender does Jamba Juice use?

Let’s find out!

What Blender Does Jamba Juice Use?

Jamba Juice uses the Blendtec CQB1 Stealth 885 blender.

Here’s why:

1. It’s quiet.

One of the best qualities of the Stealth is that it is ridiculously quiet for how powerful it is.

Its sound enclosure, airflow innovations, and overall design ensure that motor and blending noises are kept to a conversation-level volume. This is especially important for places like Jamba Juice where smoothie after smoothie can be blended up without drowning out conversations and giving everyone around a headache.

2. It’s powerful and efficient.

While the Stealth is remarkably quiet for an industrial-strength commercial blender, it does not skimp out on power.

With a whopping 3.8 horsepower motor and powerful blunt blade technology, the Stealth can crush through ingredients in seconds. Blendtec boasts reduced blend times and re-blends with this blender, which is ideal for fast-paced commercial operations like Jamba Juice.

3. It’s smart.

Adding to the efficiency of this blender is its smart technology.

The Stealth comes with 42 pre-programmed blend cycles that allow for greater ease of use and hands-off operation. Instead of having to manually control the blending speed and time, baristas can simple press a button and let the blender do its thing. Pre-programmed settings also help deliver consistent results.

The Stealth can also be custom programmed and can store up to 14 custom blend cycles on the blender for one-touch operation. Custom cycles are created using the online Blend Wizard tool and then uploaded to the blender via USB.

These smart features can save a lot of time (once you’ve learned how to use the settings) and make this blender simultaneously versatile and efficient.

4. Easy maintenance.

Despite its many setting options and advanced technology features, the Stealth has a sleek and simplified design that allows for easy operation and maintenance.

All components of the blender are easy to wipe down, and the jug and blades can easily be cleaned between blends. The sound enclosure can also be removed for easy cleaning.

5. It lasts.

Last but not least, the Stealth is durable and long-lasting over years and years of heavy use. This blender can handle 200 daily blends!

The pitcher is made of durable Eastman Tritan copolyester, and can handle large volumes at a time of all sorts of ingredients, including ice and hot soups.

Durability and a long lifespan are definitely key features for high-demand commercial settings like Jamba Juice.

Blendtec Stealth 885 Blender Specifications

Price~$1345 USD
Motor/Wattage3.8 HP, 1800 watts
Parts-Motor base with illuminated OLED display and tactile keypad
-Wildside+ 90oz capacity jug (Eastman Tritan BPA-free plastic)
-Blunt blade
-Removable plastic sound enclosure
Dimensions17.3 x 9 x 8.6 in.
Weight18.1 lbs
Warranty-3 year parts
-1 year labour
-Lifetime warranty on drive socket and blade

Should You Get The Jamba Juice Blender?

The Blendtec Stealth 885 blender that Jamba Juice uses is clearly an incredible piece of machinery.

But does that mean you should buy it?

If you’re a business owner who needs it for commercial purposes, this is absolutely a great option to consider.

Jamba Juice has been using exclusively Blendtec blenders for years and show no sign of changing. These blenders meet all their needs and allow them to keep up with the high demand in Jamba Juice locations around the world.

On the other hand, if you need a blender for home use, this blender is probably not the best option for you.

Here’s why:

It’s very expensive – upward of $1000. This is probably not within any reasonable budget for your average blender user.

While Blentec makes many professional-grade appliances for home use, the Stealth series of blenders is made specifically for commercial use.

These kinds of expensive blenders are ideal for commercial businesses want to invest in such a pricey piece of equipment because it is up to their standards and they have a high professional standard to maintain. For them, it is worth it to pay big bucks for a blender that will serve them the quality and reliability that they expect and need, year after year. I mean, that’s part of the reason we go to places like Jamba Juice – because they serve a quality that you don’t necessarily have at home.

A blender for non-commercial or home use typically does not need all the features, such as extreme power and noise reduction, that are so appealing to places like Jamba Juice which have different needs and priorities when it comes to blending.

The Stealth 885 blender is also quite heavy and bulky overall – a little more out of place in a household kitchen than in a commercial franchise whipping up 200 blends a day!


Jamba Juice uses the Blendtec Stealth 885 blender. This highly-durable and powerful blender is known for it’s surprisingly quiet and efficient blending, perfect for serving smooth, consistent blends all day long.

If you’re curious about other industrial-strength commercial blenders, check out the blender that Starbucks uses.

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