The Hamilton Beach Wave Action Blender uses a unique blending system that helps deliver a smooth and efficient blend. This blender comes at quite an affordable price and is very user-friendly, making it a great option for your average blender user.

This guide will review everything you need to know about the Hamilton Beach Wave Action Blender, including specs, pros and cons, customer reviews, and how to use/clean it.

Read on to find out if this blender is right for you!

What is a Wave Action Blender?

A Wave Action blender uses a special blending system designed to pull the food into the blades. The goal is to avoid spinning the food into the sides of the jar where it can stick and leave chunks behind.

With the WaveAction system, the design of the blender and the movement of the blades continuously circles the food back down into the blades to ensure a seamless blend and smooth results.

Hamilton Beach Wave Action Blender Specifications

Price~$40 USD
Power/Wattage 700 watt peak power
Controls-Off button
-4 speeds/settings:
Mix, Milkshake, Easyclean
Puree, Smoothie, Icy Drink
Dice, Chop, Salsa (pulse)
Grind, Crush Ice (pulse)
Parts-48-oz glass jar (dishwasher safe, thermal heat resistant)
-Drip-free pour lid
-Motor base with WaveAction system
-Stainless steel blades
-Stir spoon
Special Features-WaveAction blending system
-Pulse buttons
-Dishwasher safe
-Base is engineered to dampen noise
Dimensions 15.8 x 5.9 x 7.8 in.
Weight8.75 lbs.
Warranty 3 year limited warranty

Hamilton Beach Wave Action Blender Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use

  • Easy to clean

  • Affordable

  • Quiet

  • Can put jar in dishwasher

  • Easy-pour spout
  • May be considered bulky and heavy (but still small enough to be stored in cabinets easily)

  • Needs plenty of liquid to blend well
  • Hamilton Beach Wave Action Blender Reviews

    Here’s what people are saying about this blender…

    What they like:

    • Very reasonable price for such a good product.
    • Glass is thick and easy to clean.
    • No issue blending up thick ice.
    • Wonderful quality/price.
    • Takes less than 1 minute to make a frozen shake.
    • Strong and very easy to clean.
    • Big difference between each mode.
    • For the price, couldn’t ask for more.
    • Works well for smoothies, milkshakes, other recipes.
    • Works great for frozen beverages with crushed ice. Chops efficiently and without overwork.
    • Works well on chickpeas/making thick hummus – blade can handle thick ingredients, and comes with a spoon for getting food off the sides of the blender.
    • Nice design. Does mix and blend easily if it’s full.
    • Great product, works as indicated.
    • This blender does everything I want it to.
    • Excellent value for the money. Quick and quiet blending, and very easy to clean.
    • Pretty awesome for the price. Pretty quiet for how big it is.
    • Runs quiet and smooth.
    • Easy to pour spout is great.
    • Love the colour.
    • For my needs, it’s the perfect value for the price.

    What they don’t like:

    • Died in 3 months, with smoke and burning smell.
    • Doesn’t have enough power for greens such as kale and flax seeds.
    • Used once and smoke was coming out of the motor.
    • Motor burned out in 3 weeks (used daily for green smoothies) (never used ice cubes and it still didn’t hold up).
    • Takes a while to blend frozen fruit (even if thawed a bit) – continuously have to remove the top and move the food around. The spoon doesn’t do much to move the food, but you need to use it to make a circular motion while the blender is on in order to force it to blend, otherwise the blades don’t move.
    • Snags on bananas and strawberries.
    • Lid keeps popping out.
    • Stopped working after a month (maybe 10-12 times using it) – just stopped working and won’t turn back on.
    • Burned down after 3 uses.
    • Gave up after a week with a smell of burnt plastic.
    • Didn’t even last 6 months and started smoking.
    • Never worked properly from day one – couldn’t even blend simple stuff like strawberry.
    • Stopped working after 4 months (didn’t use it for crushed ice, only fruit smoothies).
    • Didn’t cut anything, frozen or fresh, and didn’t chop ice.
    • Leaves lumps in smoothies.
    • Died after 2 years. Not a strong blender, not a good purchase.
    • Lid is hard to open – cannot close lid all the way or else it is too hard to open it.
    • Broken after the first use.

    The Run-down:

    Based on reviews, it seems that customers either love or hate this blender!

    Majority are 5 star reviews (overall 4.1 out of 5 on Amazon). However, the reviews seem to be either of the extremes – either people have no problems with the blender and everything works great for them, or it didn’t work at all, broke right away, and was useless.

    What stood out to me was how many reviews complained about the blender breaking down and even smoking! A smoking motor and burning smell was actually quite a common review. Same with it just barely working at all, or lasting a very short amount of time before breaking.

    Usually, if a product doesn’t work right away or breaks after the first use, you can assume you just got a lemon. A faulty blender should just immediately be returned/replaced because it is obviously not working as intended if it breaks after one blend and can’t even blend fresh fruit.

    However, some other people reported more like 6 months before breaking, or that it left chunks and couldn’t crush ice. These are more realistic complaints about the design not holding up to standard.

    It is likely that the user experience depends on how the blender is being used and what it is being used for. With customer reviews, especially vastly differing reviews like those of this blender, it can be hard to tell if a problem is caused by the blender itself or by the way the blender was used. For example, filling the jug with ice cubes and expecting to crush it to snow is not a proper use of this blender.

    With this blender, you get what you pay for. It is important to know the capabilities of your blender and to use it in a way that optimizes its blending capacity (see below).

    Overall, if you are intending to use it for smoothies, maybe some frozen drinks and such, this blender is likely to meet your needs, based on other people’s experiences. But for making things without a lot of liquid, this probably isn’t the best option. Ultimately, you get what you pay for.

    How to Use a Hamilton Beach Wave Action Blender

    To blend with the Hamilton Beach Wave Action Blender, follow these general steps:

    1. Put your ingredients in the blender jug. Make sure to include plenty of liquid if blending ice or other hard/frozen ingredients. For optimal blending, add ingredients in the order of: first liquids, then soft ingredients, then hard/frozen ingredients.
    2. Secure the lid on the jug and place the jug on the motor base.
    3. Press whichever setting suits the blend. Blend until desired consistency/texture is reached. While blending, use the stirring spoon through the lid if needed to help push the food into the blades. Add more liquid/ingredients through the lid if needed. Stop to scrape down the sides if needed.
    4. Once well blended, press the Off button.
    5. Pour out of lid spout, serve, and enjoy!
    6. Rinse out the jug right away for the easiest clean.

    How to Clean a Hamilton Beach Wave Action Blender

    There are a few super easy ways to clean the Hamilton Beach Wave Action Blender…

    1. Use the easy clean button. Fill jug with soapy water, put on the lid, and blend with the “Easyclean” setting until clean. Then rinse and let dry.
    2. Wash by hand with soap and water.
    3. Put jug in dishwasher.


    The Hamilton Beach Wave Action Blender has a unique WaveAction design that helps get a continuous and smooth blend.

    For the price, this blender is a great affordable option for making things like smoothies, shakes, sauces, and more. As long as you don’t abuse it with thick, frozen blends with no liquid, the Hamilton Beach Wave Action Blender will meet the needs of your average blender-user.

    However, if you want a more versatile and reliable blender for a variety of frozen/thick/hard ingredients and different spreads and blends, and one that will last years and years of frequent use, consider investing in a more durable and powerful professional-grade blender.

    Have you tried the Hamilton Beach Wave Action Blender? If so, what do you think of it?

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