If you’ve got ingredients to grind – whether that’s beans for your morning coffee or spices for your curry dish – you’re probably wondering if you can use a blender for grinding up dry ingredients. 

This guide will go over when and how a blender can be used to blend dry ingredients, as well as list some of the best blenders for doing so. 

Let’s get into it! 

Can You Use a Blender for Dry Ingredients?

You generally can, but some blenders can definitely handle dry ingredients better than others; some blenders are made specifically for grinding dry ingredients, while others are more multi-purpose but can still work with dry ingredients. 

You do want to be careful with what a specific blender can handle, as you don’t want it to get damaged (blades, container, etc.) – most blenders are not meant to be used for dry ingredients alone. 

Which Blender is Best for Dry Ingredients? 

Some of the main things to consider when looking at the best blenders for dry ingredients specifically, are: 

  • container size 
  • power 
  • blades 
  • controls 
  • sturdiness/materials/durability 
  • price 

First of all, the size of the overall blender and especially of the blending container, is very important.  

Larger blenders will tend to be more powerful and versatile, meaning they are efficient and can be used for much more than just grinding dry ingredients. They also usually come with more controls/features, greater overall durability, and a higher pricetag. 

The downsides to consider when it comes to larger blenders, is, of course, the price, as well as the portion size possibilities – a larger container means you kind of have to make large batches at a time; smaller batches will not be able to be ground up properly. 

On the other hand, smaller blenders (i.e. personal blenders) are ideal for grinding dry ingredients because the small container size helps keep the ingredients in proximity to the blades. They are also convenient to bring out/put away, clean up, and use quickly for small grinds here and there. 

However, small blenders tend to have less power and more limited controls/features, so they may not be able to achieve the desired texture with some tricky ingredients. 

Additionally, with any blender, another thing to keep in mind is that plastic containers can get pretty scratched up when frequently used to grind dry ingredients. 

This guide will cover both large and small blender options for blending dry ingredients. 

Let’s take a look… 

3 Best Small Blenders for Dry Ingredients 

For grinding small amounts of dry ingredients at a time: 

1. Magic Bullet 

The Magic Bullet is a great little multi-purpose blender. This personal, bullet-style blender is quite affordable, and is super convenient for quickly whipping up all sorts of blends, even dry blends. While not specifically designed for dry blends per say (see flat blade accessory below for that option), it can still turn most ingredients into powder. 

One of the main limitations of this blender is the relatively small portion sizes, but for grinding dry ingredients, this usually isn’t much of an issue. 

Keep in mind that, as mentioned above, the container will get scratched over time if using for dry blends. 

Oh, and it can be quite noisy while pulverizing hard ingredients. 

Quick Specs: 

Price~$50 USD
Motor wattage250 watts
Size -Dimensions: 4.01″ x 4.48″ x 11.61″
-Weight: 4.14 lbs.
-Portion size: 12-oz, 18-oz.
Components-Motor base 
-Cross blade 
-(1) 18-oz tall cup 
-(2) resealable lids 
-(1) 12-oz short cup with a comfort lip ring 
-(1) to-go lid 
-(1) 18-oz party mug with comfort lip ring 
-Recipe book 

Magic Bullet Flat Blade accessory ($15) 

The Magic Bullet also has an optional Flat Blade accessory, specifically meant for grinding dry ingredients! The blade is designed to grind with consistency, so no chunks or uneven grains are left behind! 

2. NutriBullet 

Similar to the Magic Bullet, the NutriBullet is a convenient and versatile personal blender, with the added bonus of having quite a powerful motor. It can generally handle dry ingredients, but also has a more specialized blade option (see below) for optimal blending of dry ingredients specifically. 

Quick Specs: 

Price~$80 USD
Motor wattage600 watts
Size -Dimensions: 11.61″ x 6.85″ x 12.28″
-Weight: 6.04 lbs.
-Portion size: 18-oz, 24-oz.
Components-Motor base 
-Extractor blade 
-(1) 24-oz tall cup with comfort lip ring
-(1) 18-oz short cup with comfort lip ring 
-Mobile app 

NutriBullet Milling Blade accessory ($15) 

The NutriBullet also has an optional blade specifically for grinding – the Milling Blade

3. Koios Pro 850W Personal Blender (BL219B)

The Koios Pro is a personal blender that is quite affordable, but quite powerful. Certainly powerful enough to grind dry ingredients into a powder! In fact, this blender comes with an extra flat blade meant for grinding up small dry ingredients such as coffee beans, nuts, seeds, spices, etc. 

Quick Specs: 

Price~$50 USD
Motor wattage850 watts
Size -Portion size: 10-oz, 17-oz.
Components-Motor base 
-(1) 10-oz grinding cup 
-(2) 17oz to-go blending cups 
-(1) 2-leaf blade 
-(1) 6-leaf blade 
-(1) sealing lid 
-(1) steam hole lid 
-(2) flip lid 
-Cleaning brush 
-Recipe book

3 Best Large Blenders for Dry Ingredients 

For grinding large amounts of dry ingredients at a time: 

1. Vitamix 32-ounce Dry Grains Container 

If you have a Classic-series Vitamix and want to be able to blend large batches of dry ingredients with it, the Dry Grains Container is the way to go. 

This container comes with special blades that are designed to create a “reverse vortex” that prevents the ingredients from packing around the blades.  

While a little pricey for just one specific-use container, this is a great option for making your Vitamix even more versatile without having to get an entirely separate blender if you frequently grind dry ingredients. 

Quick Specs: 

Price~$150 USD
CompatibilityCompatible with all full-size Classic C-series/G-series Vitamix blenders
Size-Dimensions: 9.8″ high
-Weight: 1.94 lbs.
-Portion size: 32-oz.
Features/Components-32-oz container (BPA-free plastic)
-Specially designed blades (stainless steel, 2.8″ diameter)

2. Ninja Mega Kitchen System

The Ninja Mega System is a highly multi-purpose collection of appliances. The system includes a blending pitcher, a food processor, and personal blending cups. These different components can be used for unique types of blends, including grinding dry ingredients.

The 1500-watt motor is capable of blending through most ingredients with ease, and the variety of blades and containers allows you to select the best one for the ingredients and amounts of grinding you have at hand. All for a relatively affordable price too! 

Quick Specs: 

Price~$150 USD
Motor wattage1500 watts
Size-Dimensions: 8.25″ x 9.5″ x 17.75″
Features/Components-4 functions: blend, mix, crush, and single-serve
-Motor base
-72-oz Total Crushing Pitcher 
-8-cup food processor bowl 
-(2) Nutri Ninja cups with to-go lids 
-Stacked blade assembly for the pitcher 
-Dough blade and chopping blade for the food processor bowl 
-Nutri Ninja blades for the single-serve cups 
-31-recipe Inspiration Guide

3. Cleanblend Commercial Blender

The Cleanblend Commercial Blender is certainly not a cheap blender, but it is quite a money-saver in comparison to comparably high-end performing blenders. 

The powerful motor can turn anything into powder, including dry ingredients, and the pulse feature and variable speed dial help give you control over the texture.

Quick Specs: 

Price~$290 USD
Motor wattage3 HP, 1800 watts
Size-Dimensions: 13″ x 15″ x 18″ 
-Weight: 12 lbs.
Parts-Motor base 
-64-oz container (BPA-free plastic) 
-Spill-proof two-part lid with plug 
-Stainless steel blades 


The blenders listed above are just a few of the best blenders for dry ingredients.  

If you want a blender for grinding dry ingredients only, go with the cheaper options – the personal, bullet-style blenders are affordable and super convenient and easy to use. So even if you need large batches, you can just make one batch after another. 

However, if you want a more multi-purpose blender, consider the other larger blender options listed – these are blenders that can definitely handle grinding dry ingredients but also most other types of blends as well…makes it more worth the price. 

I’d love to hear what you think! Feel free to drop a comment down below to share any comments or questions you might have about the best blenders for dry ingredients. 

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